I personally have decided not to get the Sims 4 until a patch comes out with some of the missing content that I would like to see in a base game.

Are toddlers and pools required? No. Is having a toddler a hassle? Yes, at times. And you don’t have to have these in your game. But I just don’t see the point of having the Sims 3 with all this well thought out stuff and then having the Sims 4 come out and skip most of the stuff we’ve come to love and be apart of our game play for 5 years.

Personally, I was already on edge when it came to buying it because of the cartoony look of the Sims. I honestly don’t like the look but love the concept of everything else. The build-a-house process and CAS system, yea that’s awesome. But after reading the list of things that’s either being left out of the base game right away or things that have not been given the “OK” as far as cars, aliens or even ghost, I’d personally like to wait to buy it. I don’t think its to the point for you to cancel your pre-order but if you haven’t already done so, I would say wait.

I encourage everyone who feels the same way I do to wait as well to see what will happen and watch Lazy Game Reviews on youtube for the official review. If you have seen him, he’s awesome. If you haven’t he has done a review for everything Sims 3 related. From the base game to all the expansions and stuff packs and everything inbetween.

Hopefully, with the first reviews, patches and expansions, EA will make us want to buy the game again. Until then, I will gladly stick with the Sims 3.

Sims 4 cheats


If motherload doesn’t work in The Sims 4 , my sims are screwed.

Omg yes!

Happy 4th of July ! 

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i need friends on the sims 3!

So… Lets be Friends :)

Send me your usernames on The Sims 3 Online <3 Mine is Weirdonexttoyou11

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remember when we were kids and we used to all sing that demented version of the barney song where it was like “i hate you you hate me let’s go out and kill barney”

i don’t remember ever doing this. you were a…

I hate you

You hate me

Let’s get together and kill Barney

With an M64 and a bullet to his head

Let’s all sing cuz Barney’s dead